Our testimonials

We love working with our clients who have all come through referrals and word of mouth recommendation. We focus on adding value and making a difference and have done this over the years we have worked in partnership with them. We are very happy with what they and other companies have to say about us…

“Warlord is an SME with 60 employees. Becky has worked with us for the last 18 months either on the end of a phone or email as well as visiting regularly – adding up to one day or so per month. Becky is a very experienced HR Professional with bags of business experience so this arrangement provides Warlord with expert advice & guidance on HR matters as well as an ongoing strategic view of our business from a people/HR perspective. Becky has helped Warlord with senior staff recruitment, training, contracts of employment, disciplinary matters as well as allowing us access to her network of contacts. It is gold dust service for Warlord and an ideal arrangement for any small/medium sized growing businesses who cannot afford a full time HR specialist.”
Chris Bostock, Finance Director of Warlord Games Ltd
“Rebecca is a consummate professional who knows her business, but is able to communicate in an easily understood manner to a management group or individual moving things quickly to an agreed conclusion.  HR and recruitment is renowned for technical mumbo-jumbo, Rebecca’s skill is that she understands it all, but rarely uses it. She has often addressed my board with a presentation, took questions and led the group to a decision, whilst offering advice that is practical, not ethereal. My company has used her skills for close on 2 years now and she has always delivered on time and with an agreed outcome. She is empathic and a good listener and a great asset to help you get where you want to go.  I thoroughly recommend her.

“Having run a small business for many years without an HR professional to call on we felt the time was right to seek some help. We were fortunate enough to be introduced to Becky through our business network and haven’t looked back!

“Becky took the time to get to know us and the business thoroughly and this made it feel like she was part of the management team from the outset. Aside from her professional knowledge, she brings energy and positivity in bundles. Over the past couple of years she has helped us deal with many employee issue, but her real skill for us lies in the way she relates to our employees; they feel comfortable talking with her and this has helped us tackle many potential problems before they arise. Another big positive with Becky is her network of high-quality contacts, where on more than one occasion we have been able to find bespoke cost-effective solutions. Becky is 100% trustworthy and always loyal to the business – she doesn’t shy away from dealing with difficult issues and loves nothing more than helping business like ours grow successfully.”

John Stallard , Founder and Owner of Warlord Games Ltd
“Rebecca is a greatly regarded HR professional. Pragmatic, knowledgeable, approachable, and a pleasure to work with. A high achiever.  Very favourably recommended.”
Andy Norman, Development Director at Radiant Worlds
“During her tenure at Games Workshop Rebecca and I worked together on both strategic and operational HR projects; Rebecca has a comprehensive grasp of all HR issues and demonstrates exceptional interpersonal agility. Rebecca is a true HR professional and it was a pleasure to work with her.“
Lisa Fitzsimons FCIPD, Group HR Director at UPP LTD
“I had the pleasure of working with Becky at Monumental and within that time she contributed massively to the unique challenges and pressures of rapidly growing a Games Development Studio. HR is a difficult job that needs to balance the desires of employees and the requirements of the company. Becky was able to handle the rough with the smooth and was invaluable during all phases of the company’s life. A great communicator, Becky would be a worthwhile asset to any company with HR needs.”
Rocco Loscalzo – Founder and Chief Technical Officer, Monumental Games
“Rebecca is a diligent hard worker with excellent HR skills and knowledge. She was a joy to work with and had a pragmatic and positive approach. Rebecca is willing to embrace change and has a real talent for finding great workable solutions.”
Vicky Woods - Head of HR Practices, Müller UK and Ireland Group
“Our business had grown quickly, as had our workforce. We were beginning to find it difficult to spread our company values and standards amongst new recruits and staff turnover was high compared to previous years. We couldn’t figure out exactly what the problem was but knew we needed to act to restore the harmony we once had as a smaller business.

“We turned to Becky for help. She organised and ran an engagement project for us; gathering information through a series of questionnaires and interviews with the team. The information we got was detailed, precise and very powerful. The project told us what our people thought about us, their managers, their workplace and the business as a whole. The results allowed us to launch a framework of improvements  and adjustments that has been ongoing for the past 24 months. The improvements were staff driven and therefore easier to implement; some were simple, inexpensive changes and others more costly- all of which though have helped us build a more united, well informed and positive workforce ultimately leading to increased profitability.

“I cannot recommend this project or Becky highly enough. Becky is incredibly thorough and personable and therefore extracts detailed information from employees without leaving them feeling like they have been interrogated! A really rewarding and effective project – we look forward to our next.”

David Perkins - Operations Director, Perkins Family Dining and Venue Hire
“We work with Becky at My HR Hub on a monthly basis. We’ve just completed an engagement project, which has been thoroughly insightful and has helped align us as a business. Becky really understands starts ups and fast growth businesses, but at the same time has extensive corporate experience, providing a great balance of actionable insight, but with tons of experience.”
Tom Craig, MD, Impression Digital