Last Tuesday (September 22) My HR Hub and My HR Club were delighted to demonstrate our knowledge and insight in front of our highest ever audience on a Zoom workshop – 170 people!

Alongside YuLife and our longstanding partner, BreatheHR, we delivered an insightful discussion around the topic of ‘why employee physical, mental and financial wellbeing has never been more important’.

The panel delved into the importance of employee wellbeing and how the role of this has changed in the eyes of employees, managers, HR departments and the public since the onset of the pandemic – as well as how this will continue to evolve in a post-pandemic world.

Interested? You may have missed the live webinar but you can watch the recording here!

Employee wellbeing is an essential component not only to employee health and satisfaction, but also to company-wide productivity and culture. My HR Hub and My HR Club both place this belief at the heart of our values and our offering to our clients.

You can find out more about My HR Club here and discover more about My HR Hub here.