My HR Hub are delighted to be introducing our newest service to clients and others alike – Salary Surveys!

The introduction of Salary Surveys to our line-up of products and services comes as a result of increased demand from our clients to stay competitive with the salaries and benefits they offer employees.

If you are worried about losing staff as a result of pay, we are here to provide you with competitive salary benchmarking information to help you reduce staff turnover.

Moreover, when you are looking to recruit new talent, this information will be an asset in attracting the best candidates.

Ensure your salaries are competitive

Our salary reports contain quartile and decile salary ranges for your region, job or industry; crucial information in ensuring your salaries are competitive and attractive.

Compiled using data collected from organisations of all sizes across the UK, salary reports are published within 8 weeks of data collection so you can be assured of the latest, most accurate data on which to base your pay policy decisions.

The extensive database contains over 50,000 job records, 1,200 job titles, 10 job ranks, 153 regions/counties/towns, 8 turnover bands and 34 industry sectors in the UK.

Fast & accurate pay benchmarking

An employee’s financial reward is one of the primary motivations for them to come to work; it is also one of the organisation’s highest costs.

Achieving the balance that suits both the staff member and benefits the business’ development goals is one of the most difficult skills facing Companies today.

We can offer this service for any business, any sector, any size and can benchmark all jobs depending on your industry, location and turnover. This can be a one off project / report or we can manage a larger departmental or company-wide exercise.

My HR Hub have access to one of the most comprehensive independent pay and benefits database in the country which is constantly growing and being updated.

This database allows us to proivde you with fast and accurate salary benchmark reports; allow you and your managers to make sound and independent reward management decisions.

A salary survey will provide you with a full Pay and Benefits report based on the following:

  • Job Title
  • Industry
  • Company Size
  • Company Turnover
  • Annual Salary based on the above factors and also split into (lower, median, upper quartiles
  • Typical % of employee with a bonus at this level
  • Company Car – costs/type
  • Leasing Car – typical contribution
  • Pension type & contributions
  • Health Care Plans and contributions
  • Typical hours of work
  • Typical Annual Leave entitlement
  • Performance Related reward information


Cost per report: £40 + VAT

Concessional rate for My HR Club members: £30 + VAT

My HR Hub retained clients face no additional costs for salary surveys.

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