Health and wellbeing

We are passionate about employee wellbeing. We care about people, we care about how your employees feel at work, we care about your business and we will show and give you tools to be a good and supportive employer.

We know and have seen many times the business impact when employees are not well through sickness, stress and just about everything life throws at us all. We have also seen the positive impact that a caring employer has on an individual, personally and professionally….that is powerful stuff!

When stressed or troubled employees meet with HR professionals in the workplace, they are sometimes one meeting away from an employee seeing their GP.  HR professionals have the insight to see what is happening in people’s lives and are therefore perfectly positioned to help. Employees think of the GP route for the pack of anti-depressants, this may be the right route for them, however, there are alternate routes with holistic therapies and wellbeing services.  Our service has been thoughtfully and carefully put together with like-minded partners working alongside us to put the very best health and wellbeing initiatives in place for all types of companies for the benefit of individual, team and company wellbeing.

Employee Assistance Programme

The services offered by an EAP range from counselling, money and debt management advice, child and eldercare information and legal guidance in addition to employee assistance for emotional and workplace issues and management guidance on handling workplace situations.  EAPs keep employees engaged and productive, helping them overcome any issues limiting their ability to perform.  They are proven to reduce long term absenteeism.    Having worked for many years with Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP), we are delighted to work in partnership with one of the best in the UK who also operate Internationally. 


For more information about how and EAP can transform your Health and Wellbeing Agenda contact

Flexible Working

We can help you to implement flexible working within your workplace.  We’ll listen to your ideas and share ours too.  Lets have a chat to see how you can attract, retain and support your most valuable asset – your people. 

Health and Wellbeing Partners

We have partnered with some experienced and passionate providers to offer an expansion of our services to deliver at the convenience of your offices/place of work……one reason only, to help you and your employees. 

As a result this collaboration with My HR Hub means that we can collectively offer you and your employees, on-site or off-site concessional rates for:

  • On-site Massage and Acupressure
  • Educational workshops on how to manage your personal and mental health & wellbeing
  • Mindfulness & Meditation classes
  • Beauty and holistic therapies
  • Yoga workshops
  • Health and Nutrition Workshops
  • Fresh Fruit Delivery and concierge services
  • Health and fresh ‘fast food’ delivered to your place of work

And much more to come……