Project Description

Sustained HR support for a growing business

Client industry: Gaming

Client location: Nottingham

Client since: 2012

The challenge

A start-up manufacturing, distribution and sales company in the gaming industry were going through a period of sustained growth and change, requiring HR support as its headcount and turnover grew.

This company had no dedicated HR manager, instead delegating HR responsibilities to a member of the senior management team.

What we did

Our first priorities were creating initial Employee Handbooks and Contracts of Employment for existing employees and new recruits. We have since worked hand-in-hand with the leadership team over the past decade to bring in:

  • Cloud-based HR management software
  • Line manager training and development
  • Psychometrics and profiling for management team
  • Employee Engagement Surveys
  • Company restructures
  • Intensive recruitment programmes
  • Full analysis and rework of employee benefits programme
  • Health and wellbeing strategies
  • Overseas HR support
  • HR coaching

“As we were growing, My HR Hub was able to fill the gaps in our knowledge and offer the support and advice we needed but were lacking.”

The result

As a result of My HR Hub’s work to put significant HR infrastructure in place over the years, the company has been able to rapidly grow, while recruiting and retaining the staff it needs.

Outsourcing HR responsibilities has allowed the company’s senior leadership team to focus on excelling in their own roles and growing the business, with the company now running more efficiently, effectively and profitably than 10 years ago.

My HR Hub continues to work with this growing client on a retained and project basis. We have supported them as they have grown from 3 employees to over 120, spread across several continents. Our team also work with the senior leadership team on a strategic level.

We have recruited a HR team over the years and have had an in-house HR Administrator for over 4 years, with My HR Hub working alongside them to support the businesses HR needs.“

“We have now decided to support a manager candidate through their CIPD course, with My HR Hub acting as their Mentor. My HR Hub continues to support the owners and the managers.”


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