My HR Hub Recruitment Services

We are keen to support small business cost savings and with over 20 years recruitment experience, we are professional and highly regarded recruiters with a great network. We work on your behalf to advertise your vacancies, putting you in touch with those candidates keen to work in smaller businesses for all the reasons we know small businesses are special. Choosing to work for a small business is a more common career choice now days and we are delighted to facilitate this service for a small fixed Advertising cost and no introduction fee!

Recruitment and Selection

We help you put in cost effective and efficient processes that help you make the right recruitment decisions.  We support you by reviewing and improving how you recruit and select as well as supporting you in all stages from headcount planning, job analysis, job & person descriptions, job advertisement, screening, shortlisting, Assessment Centers, interviewing support, psychometrics, job offer, references, on-boarding/induction.

Employee Branding

We are specialist in building your Brand Identity and helping you engage with potential candidates based on your values, culture and business ambitions. We are delighted to have partnered with some amazing companies that allow us to offer you a seamless Brand > Advertising > Recruitment > Application > HR System process, saving you time, money and focusing on truly building your brand and recruiting the right culture fit and skills for your business.   What’s more important is all of these products have been designed, created and priced for small businesses, making them affordable, flexible and results driven for your business.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

More employees are seeking out Companies who give back to their local community or charities. We can help you identify ways in which your company can offer this, making you a more attractive employer. We can co-ordinate a framework of how you can work with your employees to support local, national projects such as Charitable Giving, supporting local schools, STEM Ambassador programmes, Apprenticeship Schemes, Colleges and Universities. We will help you raise your profile in the Community and beyond to help attract, retain employees. It also goes down very well with your customers, suppliers and investors as businesses work towards the idea of sustainable value-creation. We like helping our clients give back.

Our other services: 

“Engineering recruitment is particularly challenging due to the shortage of talent. Following guidance from My HR Hub along with their experience and contacts, we have been able to considerably improve our recruitment processes by identifying relevant pipelines, e.g. University Collaborations, this has helped us avoid unnecessary costly agencies fees, by using Direct Recruitment methods.

This has resulted in significant financial savings for the company and as well as saving time, the quality of our candidates has increased, leavers have decreased as there is now real clarity of our values and behavior’s and the types of candidates that do well in our company.”

– HR Co-ordinator, Engineering Client.