Becky gives our small, growing business access to flexible senior professional HR help at a fraction of the price. She is not an employee or owner but her commitment, passion and care for the business make it feel as if she is.

Becky has helped us recruit quality staff using her creativity and her knowledge of recruitment processes, methods and people. This not only brings in the most appropriate staff – but keeps costs down.

Through Becky’s advice and drive we have a world class employee assistance programme (EAP), an easy to use HR system, a staff pension scheme and the right HR controls and documentation to support our business.

Becky is a key part of our Senior Management Team.

Chris Bostock, Finance Director of Warlord Games Ltd
Becky has made an enormous difference to our fast growing company. HR is often sluggish in action when quick decisions need to be made. She speeds up the process without leaving us open to fault.

Her open and plain talking takes the mystery out of what can seem as insoluble puzzles, in many ways a simple common sense approach to problems that can tie management in knots.

Her style is first to listen well to understand the problem, or opportunity that is presented, and to be able to quickly give a list of alternative solutions that an employer can sensibly choose from.

Rebecca is well aware that a happy team is a hard working team, so champions the various benefits that can be made available for staff.This is universally popular and of great benefit to all our staff.

Perhaps her best contribution is leading a young management team by the hand and de mystifying the hiring process and putting energy and creativity into that process.

Finally Rebecca protects the company AND the staff in a cheerful and fair manner, always available, something that is rare to find in busy HR departments.

John Stallard , Founder and Owner of Warlord Games Ltd
“Rebecca is a greatly regarded HR professional. Pragmatic, knowledgeable, approachable, and a pleasure to work with. A high achiever.  Very favourably recommended.”
Andy Norman, Development Director at Radiant Worlds
“During her tenure at Games Workshop Rebecca and I worked together on both strategic and operational HR projects; Rebecca has a comprehensive grasp of all HR issues and demonstrates exceptional interpersonal agility. Rebecca is a true HR professional and it was a pleasure to work with her.“
Lisa Fitzsimons FCIPD, Group HR Director at UPP LTD
“I had the pleasure of working with Becky at Monumental and within that time she contributed massively to the unique challenges and pressures of rapidly growing a Games Development Studio. HR is a difficult job that needs to balance the desires of employees and the requirements of the company. Becky was able to handle the rough with the smooth and was invaluable during all phases of the company’s life. A great communicator, Becky would be a worthwhile asset to any company with HR needs.”
Rocco Loscalzo – Founder and Chief Technical Officer, Monumental Games
“Rebecca is a diligent hard worker with excellent HR skills and knowledge. She was a joy to work with and had a pragmatic and positive approach. Rebecca is willing to embrace change and has a real talent for finding great workable solutions.”
Vicky Woods - Head of HR Practices, Müller UK and Ireland Group
“Our business had grown quickly, as had our workforce. We were beginning to find it difficult to spread our company values and standards amongst new recruits and staff turnover was high compared to previous years. We couldn’t figure out exactly what the problem was but knew we needed to act to restore the harmony we once had as a smaller business.

“We turned to Becky for help. She organised and ran an engagement project for us; gathering information through a series of questionnaires and interviews with the team. The information we got was detailed, precise and very powerful. The project told us what our people thought about us, their managers, their workplace and the business as a whole. The results allowed us to launch a framework of improvements  and adjustments that has been ongoing for the past 24 months. The improvements were staff driven and therefore easier to implement; some were simple, inexpensive changes and others more costly- all of which though have helped us build a more united, well informed and positive workforce ultimately leading to increased profitability.

“I cannot recommend this project or Becky highly enough. Becky is incredibly thorough and personable and therefore extracts detailed information from employees without leaving them feeling like they have been interrogated! A really rewarding and effective project – we look forward to our next.”

David Perkins - Operations Director, Perkins Family Dining and Venue Hire
We first started working with My HR Hub in early 2016, as our business was expanding, and it became clear we need some HR support and guidance. We initially decided to work with Rebecca based on her experience and the huge amount of passion she demonstrated for all things HR and people. One of the first projects we completed was our engagement study, which helped us to understand how employees perceived the business and management. This gave us good areas to focus on, with Rebecca’s support over the following year. My HR Hub’s monthly support includes; manager training, support and troubleshoot, strategic advice for management and support with recruitment. No matter the challenge, Rebecca always provides a number of creative solutions, ensuring that HR is fun and not just box ticking. We would recommend My HR Hub to anyone who cares about their employees and wants to improve their working environment.
Tom Craig, Founder, Impression Digital
Rebecca has provided our small charity with invaluable support. If, like us, you are not a big company and don’t have the luxury of HR support, you will appreciate just how reassuring it is to have guidance and advice from someone with the HR skills and expertise that Rebecca brings.

Rebecca has provided us with an on-line HR system that has transformed the task of dealing with HR, putting everything in one place and encouraging easy communication with the whole team. Rebecca has made herself very available to trouble-shoot any problems as we adjusted to the new system and I am now really beginning to appreciate how much easier it is when I can see all the leave at a glance, respond to holiday requests, attend to sick leave and best of all send kudos to team members!

Rebecca has a lovely friendly, encouraging approach to HR issues and has always been very ready to problem solve any issues that we have come across. We are delighted that she has chosen to support our charity, Imara, her support has come at a crucial stage in our development and we are very grateful for her generosity to us. Rebecca is someone who goes the extra mile and is certainly worthy of kudos from the Imara team.

Cath Wakeham OBE, Director of IMARA
We had a number of objectives we wanted to address and working with Becky we were able to come up with some great ideas on how we can find solutions.

Becky is clearly passionate about what she does and is determined to help deliver the best support she can throughout.

The support from Becky has helped us in many ways, making a number of our processes more efficient and effective and contributing to our efforts to make our office the best possible work place it can be.

Adam Roberts, MD, Go Dine Digital Ltd
KeTech first engaged Rebecca and My HR Hub in early 2017. We were keen to explore the option for an SME like ourselves with 45 employees to move away from the traditional in-house HR Director model to an outsourced solution.

My first impression was the genuine interest that Rebecca showed in KeTech and its people and the specific needs of our business. She also spoke with passion about how she could bring her experience and ways of working established with her other clients to provide the required support and add value to KeTech. This gave me and our management team the confidence to take the significant decision to move to a new way of delivering KeTech’s HR agenda.

Over the last year, Rebecca’s initial focus was to ensure that continuity was maintained across our core HR processes, as we transitioned to the new combination of her working alongside our line managers and support staff. Not only was this quickly achieved, we also saw the benefits of the improvements and streamlining that Rebecca identified and implemented during the transition.

Since then Rebecca has recommended and delivered several value-adding initiatives to KeTech. Three that spring to mind are:-
– The introduction of an automated, web-based HR system. This has allowed us to centralise all our HR information in one place, and automate our core HR processes including holiday and absence management, document management and has formed the backbone for Performance Management.
– Our first Employee Engagement exercise, an innovative alternative to traditional Staff Satisfaction surveys. Becky held one-to-one conversations with each of our staff members, with a combination of structured questioning and free-from discussion giving the opportunity for individuals to raise points that were important to them. Rebecca then analysed and consolidated the output into a meaningful summary of the key themes. Rebecca is currently working with the Management Team and myself to develop these themes into our HR strategy and priorities for the coming year.
– Rebecca has also recommended an online Recruitment tool. This is proving to be an effective, cost-efficient and streamlined way to recruit for SMEs like KeTech.

Reflecting on the first year of Rebecca’s involvement with KeTech, in summary we have moved to a significantly more cost-effective model of delivering our HR agenda and strategy, and at the same time this has lead to improved quality of our core processes and the introduction of innovative initiatives. Rebecca has exceeded my expectations and I am confident that, working together, KeTech’s HR approach and the value to our people will continue to go from strength to strength.

Mike Tebbutt, CEO, KeTech Ltd
“Rebecca is hugely passionate in everything she does. Not only has she been a huge help in various HR related tasks over the past year but we now also utilise the systems we have in place much better than before due to Rebecca raising standards and offering ongoing training. The biggest impact however is the role Rebecca has played in helping us increase the levels of employee engagement throughout the business due to working closely with us and becoming a real extension of the EasyWeb team. “
Sean Maher, CEO, EasyWeb Group
I recently joined a new firm and was introduced to Rebecca through a colleague as there was an urgent need to introduce a new HR database. Without delay Rebecca presented the services offered by My HR Hub and we were so excited about the product that we introduced the new service within a few weeks.
The introduction of the project was a massive undertaking but with the support, guidance and training provided by Rebecca we were able to fully implement the new system within 1 month. They system has given the firm incredible flexibility, with creative tools and reports that in the past had been so difficult to produce quickly.

The introduction of the system has already improved efficiency, has given our employees the flexibility to manage their own data and has very quickly brought about huge cost savings.
Rebecca is truly passionate about her product, is completely hands on with the implementation of the project and we look forward to working with Rebecca in the future. We would highly recommend My HR Hub to any small/medium sized business.

Sarah Naffine, HR Director, Lodders Solicitors LLP
Becky has been great at helping us deliver a number of new initiatives to the business with clear, simple solutions and a friendly smile.

Becky is always there for us – just a phone call away for any questions, issues or just for some sage advice! She obviously cares a lot about her customers and their staff and making sure that she delivers the best possible service to everyone. We are very lucky to have her!

The online HR system Becky helped us implement has been very well received and has removed all the paper-based processing we previously had for holidays, expenses, sickness and staff performance reviews. She has also delivered manager training on a range of topics and has rolled out an EAP system to support employee wellbeing. She has had an immensely positive impact on our business.

Matt Gilbert, Operations Director, Mantic Games
We are delighted to provide a testimonial for Becky at My HR Hub. Becky has helped our business with various HR support and projects over the years and has really helped improve how we support and develop our people.

As with many businesses recruitment can be an ongoing challenge. As a growing hospitality business we needed to dramatically improve our recruitment process to make it more efficient and professional to ensure we were maximizing our presence to help attract the best people, but also making the application process simple and easy online.

Becky helped set up our recruitment hub integrated with our websites which enables our business to be able to react quickly to recruitments needs, fully manage the process and retain control and professionalism. A big relief!

Becky has helped deliver a number of projects and training sessions for our managers which have all received excellent feedback. Becky has a real empathetic approach, showing true understanding and passion for all issues and challenges around people and HR.

We have gained great benefit from the employment engagement work that Becky has delivered for our business. When opening an additional site and increasing our employee numbers by 50% we found it challenging to install our longstanding vision and values quickly.

Through the engagement work we were able to identify clear issues where improvement plans, particularly on the communication side, could be implemented. An follow up engagement project was performed the following year, with dramatic improvement in results. These findings have really helped us learn as a business and we feel far better equipped when continuing to grow and recruit.

Jon Perkins, Managing Director, Perkins Family Dining and Venue Hire
I had the pleasure of working with Becky whilst I was supporting a Medium sized TMT business during a period of change driven by acquisition, a move of headquarters and a refresh of an Executive team. Becky was an immense support both to Management and Individuals within the organisation, helping to challenge perceptions and shape an approach that motivated and gave insight into the dynamics needed to build high performance teams.

Becky has a practical, pragmatic and focused approach which has helped in the evolution of the organisations HR policies, systems and training. Key activities driven by Becky included Team Building exercises, Psychometrics, enhancement of people management skills and the implementation of a web based HR Tool. Added to this, the introduction of an Employee Assistance and Employee Benefits Programme reflects the overarching value Becky brings in ensuring all employee issues are addressed.

During a period of challenge and change Becky has truly made a difference and will continue to do so.

James Keeling FCMA, CGMA, Director, JGK Financial Management
Rebecca is hugely passionate in everything she does. Not only has she been a huge help in various HR related tasks over the past year but we now also utilise the systems we have in place much better than before due to Rebecca raising standards and offering ongoing training. The biggest impact however is the role Rebecca has played in helping us increase the levels of employee engagement throughout the business due to working closely with us and becoming a real extension of the EasyWeb team.
Sean Maher, Director, EasyWeb Group

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