Employer of choice and employee engagement projects

Become an ‘Employer of Choice’

We aspire to go further than just ticking the ‘HR box’, we think anyone can tick a box which is why we’re passionate about firms becoming an ’employer of choice’ – put simply an employer that people choose to work for. We work with the six principles of choice to drive employee engagement in your business. Every company, no matter how small, can choose to develop a great culture and be an employer of choice. We can show you how.

Employee engagement and business improvement projects

Our current clients are over the moon with our business improvement tool called Insight, this is an employee engagement project which really gets under the skin of your business to help you improve and drive your company forward. This is a great way to diagnose any business issues but also to focus on what is really great about your firm. The results create powerful information that can help drive the people strategy/plan – a great start to letting us help you and your journey towards becoming a great employer.

Those who have had the employee engagement project are clear on why they are a great place to work and what they need to do to improve, as the ‘Insight’ Employee Engagement Project has given them this knowledge and transparency with clear actionable goals to work towards.  For one client, this project has now become part of their culture, and it’s how they measure business success. This project is now delivered annually as the key measure on how engaged their employees are, and forms a part of the Management Information they share at Board Meetings. The transition from not being aware or really understanding Employee Engagement to proactively driving this top down, has been a very rewarding and powerful business tool.

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Adding value

Our business had grown quickly, as had our workforce. We were beginning to find it difficult to spread our company values and standards amongst new recruits and staff turnover was high compared to previous years. We couldn’t figure out exactly what the problem was but knew we needed to act to restore the harmony we once had as a smaller business.

We turned to My HR Hub for help. They organised and ran an engagement project for us; gathering information through a series of questionnaires and interviews with the team. The information we got was detailed, precise and very powerful. The project told us what our people thought about us, their managers, their workplace and the business as a whole. The results allowed us to launch a framework of improvements  and adjustments that has been ongoing for the past 24 months. The improvements were staff driven and therefore easier to implement; some were simple, inexpensive changes and others more costly- all of which though have helped us build a more united, well informed and positive workforce ultimately leading to increased profitability.

I cannot recommend this project or My HR Hub highly enough. Their team is incredibly thorough and personable and therefore extracts detailed information from employees without leaving them feeling like they have been interrogated! A really rewarding and effective project- we look forward to our next.

Operations Director, Hospitality Client