This week we’ve been featured in Company Check’s 12 Days of Christmas, giving our top tips on how businesses can stay productive during the festive period.

Company Check 12 Days of Christmas

It’s true that at this time of the year everyone starts to wind down in the run up to Christmas, but it’s important that everyone remains as engaged as possible so that productivity levels are sustained.

Of course, however, that’s not to say that you can’t have a little fun! Here are three further suggestions on how to keep your staff motivated during December/January:

  • Organise a Christmas party 

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a good Christmas party – all you need are some decorations, drink, food and festive music to get everyone in the spirit! It goes without saying, parties are always a great way for colleagues to socialise and bond – yet 31% of people in a recent survey by Love Energy Savings said that their work didn’t throw a Christmas party at all. You could also organise a Secret Santa gift exchange, a popular Christmastime tradition and a guaranteed ice breaker.

Xmas gifts

  • Make time to volunteer

As it’s the season for giving, why not organise a day out where different teams take part in a range of volunteering activities, and then present what they’ve done/learnt to each other at the end? There are plenty of charities and organisations that would love to have a helping hand, especially at this time of the year, and it will give everyone a sense of togetherness and involvement in the local community. This article gives seven different ideas for businesses.

  • Consider a reward / benefit scheme 

When planning ahead to 2017, it’s worth thinking about implementing a reward / benefit scheme if you don’t already have one. They work because they make people feel recognised and valued, and can boost motivation, productivity, job satisfaction and retention – a big issue for many firms. One of our trusted partners is Perkbox, where staff can get great deals and discounts on food and drink, entertainment, technology, fitness and health and shopping etc. For more see