Small businesses can benefit from outsourcing their HR by using a HR consultancy like to streamline operations and enhance efficiency. Here are some of the many benefits of outsourcing your HR: 

Cost Savings 

Start-ups and small businesses don’t generally have the budget for an in-house HR team. By outsourcing your HR, for HR Advice and HR Support, you can bring in qualified and experienced HR professionals and save money on HR Advice, Recruitment, and line manager training too. My HR Hub offer low-cost services and bespoke packages to support all sizes of business and all stages of business growth. 

The average salary of a HR Manager in the UK is around £45,000. The average salary for HR Admin is around £25,000 and a HR Director around £65.000 – on top of this you need to add NI, Tax, Pensions, and other benefits too! You then need to factor in at least 20 days annual leave plus 8 days bank holidays plus any sickness absence.

My HR Hub can offer support from Strategy (Director level) to Admin – Monday to Friday with no service gaps! There is a team on hand 24/7 to help you with your HR support and HR advice.

My HR Hub - Outsourced HR, Nottingham, UK

Expertise and Compliance  

Access a team of HR professionals with expertise in employment law, compliance, and industry best practice. You’ll have access to the most up-to-date changes in the law and how you can mitigate your business against legal challenges by keeping compliance with the law. Our team are all fully CIPD qualified with years of experience working in HR and hold Chartered Fellowship with over 60 years’ experience in small business HR, startup HR and fast growth HR guidance and business support.

Personal Service 

At My HR Hub, we pride ourselves on getting to know your business, understanding how we can support you and your people to be their best at work. We know what it takes to be an employer of choice and we will help you to get there and to stay there, to keep growing and strengthening your people offer. We are multiple award winning and have some impressive testimonials too!

My HR Hub - Scalable HR Consultancy Services

Focus on what your business excels at 

Free up valuable time and resources by outsourcing routine HR administration and enable your team to concentrate on strategic initiatives that will drive business growth and innovation. 

Flexibility and Scalability 

You can scale our services up and down at My HR Hub to suit your business needs, we understand that there are times when you may need us more than others depending on changing circumstances. You can choose the level of support with our bespoke packages without the challenge of hiring or downsizing an internal HR team. We work with the pace of your business and only offer what you need with no long contracts tying you in, like other National providers.

My HR Hub, HR Consultancy Nottingham

Enhanced Technology 

Access the most up to date HR technology at really reasonable prices through our buying power and know that it will work effectively. Benefit from improved efficiency and reporting to enable you to focus on making continual improvements to processes and see your return on investment. We partner with the best-in-class partners and service providers so we can offer our clients plenty of options to support what they need. 

Employee Satisfaction 

Provide employees with efficient and reliable HR services, giving them prompt and accurate information and improving their overall experience working at your small business. At My HR Hub we are passionate about giving a great service and focus on 100% client satisfaction. 

My HR Hub - Customer Experience

Risk Management 

Mitigate business risks such as compliance risks and employee disputes. My HR Hub is 100% tribunal free and with experience of risk management we can help your business to navigate potential challenges with positive outcomes. 

My HR Hub. Outsourced HR Support

Overall, outsourcing your HR to My HR Hub would be a positive decision by giving you all the above benefits, plus a wider network of people professionals, services, and expertise. Embrace the benefits of HR outsourcing and position your business for success in today’s competitive business landscape. 

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