Being in a stand-alone HR role or having HR responsibilities in addition to carrying out another role can be overwhelming and often lonely. My HR Hub, has created a community called My HR Club to help provide support and advice for those in stand-alone roles or who have HR responsibilities whether by choice or by accident.

What is My HR Club?

My HR Club will provide a supportive network for employees with responsibility for day-to-day HR functions for their employer, where they can share experiences, best practice and ideas.

Any employee in a stand-alone role that looks after people and HR in any organisation knows that it can be very rewarding, but it also involves spinning many ‘plates’ and can, at times, feel quite lonely. My HR Club is the first membership organisation of its kind in the UK that is specifically for those in these stand-alone HR roles.

As well as HR professionals, there are thousands of personal assistants, office managers, finance managers, line managers as well as managing directors in start-ups, who have responsibility for HR in their small or medium sized businesses. This is a big ask of them, as HR is a profession which takes many years to qualify in. Often, they do not have access to the HR support, coaching and professional networks that other larger companies have, and may lack the budget for a full or part-time HR professional or even outsourced HR services, which means they are not getting the advice and support they need.

My HR Club has been designed to address all these issues and scenarios, by providing an affordable, accessible and valuable membership offering where they can connect with like-minded people in similar roles.

Creating a community of like-minded people

My HR Club member benefits will include monthly online meet-ups and Q&A’s hosted by a range of My HR Club partners, access to an online portal of HR documents and policy templates, personalised coaching, employment law updates, concessional rates on other services, HR workshops and discounted wellbeing and lifestyle benefits packages from top UK providers. Members will also get the opportunity to attend networking and social events and an annual countryside wellbeing retreat. An invitation-only, moderated LinkedIn group will allow members across the UK to collaborate, share ideas and support each other.

With this latest service, Rebecca (the founder of My HR Hub) wanted to create the support network that she always always dreamt of having when she herself was in stand-alone roles. Rebecca used this experience to create what would have benefitted her and the companies she worked for.

BreatheHR is just one of the collaboration partners for My HR Club and will be supporting My HR Club members with useful webinars.

Rebecca, has over 20 years HR experience. She set up My HR Hub in 2016 to deliver cost-effective, bespoke HR and business improvement services that are tailored to the operational needs of start-up, small and fast-growing businesses. Rebecca and her team now work with clients of all sizes and across all sectors throughout the UK and has successfully partnered with BreatheHR for over 3 years!

The vision of My HR Club is to create a confidential, encouraging, professional and fun community of like-minded people championing HR in their organisation and we look forward to welcoming members to My HR Club when it officially launches in May.

Find out more about My HR Club and watch some of our videos here