Team profiling provides an array of in-depth insights that can be utilised in a variety of ways to make your people work together more effectively. In this article, we take a look at what team profiling involves and the benefits of team profiling.

What is team profiling?

Team profiling looks at what qualities each member of a team brings to the table and considers how all these individual qualities work together cohesively. A good team profile will identify strengths, find out where the team is most effective, and identify key areas for development. It helps the team to understand and celebrate difference amongst its members and gives managers a real insight into what it is that makes their team tick.

TMS Development International’s (TMSDI) Team Management Profile: What is it and what does it offer?

One of the tools we utilise for team profiling is The Margerison-McCann Team Management Profile, provided by TMSDI. This Team Management Profile is a unique questionnaire that delivers perspectives on individual performance, high energy teamworking and organisational culture. It offers personal feedback based on extensive research with and for managers into what creates personal success and high performance teamworking. Some of the questions considered include:

  • What does each person bring to the group that is special and different?
  • Are tasks being done by the best people and are there any gaps?
  • How can I maximise motivation and performance?
  • How can I interact successfully with each person?
  • How do I manage the inevitable stresses and conflicts?

The Team Management Profile looks at what role individuals prefer to play in a team, why members feel motivated by some tasks and not others, and where individuals are most likely to focus their energy within the team.

The benefits of team profiling

Profiling your team members can provide you with a variety of useful insights that you can then take into consideration when planning projects, structuring the team and when recruiting new team members. It also provides useful information of team members and in a short space of time, team members can expect to:

  • understand how they can make the best contribution;
  • appreciate the need to work with others who operate differently;
  • optimise diverse strengths and get energies moving; and
  • find it easier to communicate, resolve conflict and solve problems.

All of the above will empower team members to work together more effectively and provide them with an insight into their colleagues, allowing them to adapt their approach to achieve the desired outcome.

My HR Club founder Rebecca Bull and some of team who are involved in My HR Hub’s new service, My HR Club, have recently received specialised training from TMSDI on how to create Team Management Profiles are looking forward to providing this service to My HR Club members.

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